City Tree Policies

Maintaining a Viable Urban Forest
Under the watchful eye of the Department of Public Works (DPW), the City of Sterling Heights has distinguished itself as an urban forest amid the maze of suburbs that make up southeastern Michigan.

A total of 26 consecutive Tree City U.S.A. awards and the successful removal of thousands of Ash trees from city streets infested with Emerald Ash Borers serve as proof that the city places an emphasis on the health of its urban forest. Residents can play a key part in the City’s beautification through their voluntary efforts to reforest the City’s tree population that was previously decimated by the Ash tree removal program.

Tree Removal & Planting Process
The ultimate objective of the City is to maintain a viable urban forest. This is achieved through periodic inspection and maintenance, preservation of healthy street trees as well as removal of City street trees, only when extreme circumstances exist. Please refer to the following to better understand the City's street tree removal policies and services.
  1. 1. Tree Inspections
  2. 2. Removal of City Trees
  3. 3.Sidewalk Warranty
  4. 4. Tree Stumps
  5. 5. Tree Planting & Replacement
Tree Inspections
Residents with specific complaints or concerns regarding a street tree growing in the public right-of-way may request a tree inspection. The DPW conducts tree inspections at no cost to the resident. Requests for tree inspections are initiated by calling the DPW at 586-446-2440. Upon completion of the inspection, residents are contacted by telephone or written notice with a determination.